Our technique courses

On our technique courses one thing comes before anything else: having fun while you learn. Because that’s the best way to retain new knowledge. So, in order to enhance your skills on the trail, we encourage a bit of clowning around during the sessions. After all, that’s how children learn and they’re famously good at learning…

The courses are divided into two levels: Basic and Advanced. All exercises can be individually adjusted in terms of difficulty, so our instructors are able to make modifications to suit your needs – adding extra challenge where required. A small step towards the edge of your comfort zone often constitutes a giant leap in terms of skill development.

In the exercises and games, it’s important to have a clear mastery of the skill prerequisites. Methodical learning together with constant checking, and correction when required, is the quickest path to expertise. On the second day, we go out on a ride together to practise what we have learnt; a few extra tips from the tutor round off the finer details. And then nothing stands in the way of us having fun out on the trails.

Training sessions can also be arranged for individuals and private groups; for more information email us office@bikefex.at.


Wheelie, Bunny-Hop und Co

Taking things to the next level. Not just riding effectively: also adding a little sparkle as you go along, finding the strangest lines to ride… We’ll be reaching into the tricks cupboard, covering wheelies, bunny hops and more. Make the trail your playground!

On request
3 - 8 people

Technique basic

During Basic training, we show you core technique covering riding position, balance, bends and correct braking. Total focus on safety and fun.

1 course
3 - 8 people

Technique Advanced

Our technique training sessions ready you for ultimate highmountain adventures. At Advanced level we give your already solid riding technique a final polish, and then work on areas like fast bends, high steps and small jumps. Still at this level, fun and safety are foremost.

On request
3 - 8 people

Ladies-Only Basic

A chance to get you and your bike into perfect harmony. With our pros, and while among kindred spirits, you learn the foundations of good riding technique – so you can ride trails more safely and have more fun.

On request
4 - 8 people

Ladies-Only Advanced

Make your bike your BFF, during womenonly technique training. In the Advanced course, things go to the next level. More safety when riding the trails, more fun, and more desire for more! With our pros, and while among kindred spirits, you’ll have the chance to develop your core skills and get ready for the new riding season.

On request
2 - 8 people

19.11 - 08.09.2019

3 - 8 P.