Our camps

Take what you’ve just learnt and start trying it out on the trail straight away: that’s how our technique training camps work. You’ll have the opportunity to spend several days refining your riding skills in the company of likeminded people – whether in a bikepark, during switchback turns training or on our trail camps.

Learning takes time, and needs repetition. Every day we engage in indepth training covering different aspects of your riding technique, and work with photo or video analysis to get the very best out of you. The next morning we apply the new knowledge – the results are generally pretty spectacular.

Training sessions can also be arranged for individuals and private groups; for more information email us at office@bikefex.at.


Enduro-Camp Saalbach

Improve your riding skills, particularly in the bikepark. Saalbach offers a wide range of built sections and natural trails – perfect for refining your technique in every possible situation. A photo or video analysis session in the evening helps you to work on the details. And when it’s time to call it a day, the Spielberghaus hotpot awaits you. (That’s the hotel’s hot tub, not a proprietary stew recipe!)

  3 - 4

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4 - 7 Teilnehmer

First Responder – advanced first aid

We equip you with all the essential knowledge and skills for effective casualty handling, with practice sessions covering the classic MTB injury scenarios. With a professional at your side, you’ll make an efficient and effective simulated emergency phone call, arrange the rescue process and care for the “injured” person. And leave knowing that if any of your bike buddies ever needs your help, you’ll know what to do.


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6 - 10 Teilnehmer

Kids mountainbiking week, Gratwein/Austria

Learning riding skills and safety in traffic and on singletracks through play: that’s what our children’s MTB weeks in Gratwein are about. With our younger guests we want to awaken the same joy that we feel when we get in the saddle. With zero pressure or stress, we ride on a school playground, across meadows and through forests. A different way of learning.

  100 - 0
  100 - 0

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6 - 12 Teilnehmer

Kids riding week, Gratwein/Austria

Riding with children in the Graz highlands. We introduce children to a sustainable and sensitive relationship with nature, in a playful way. We get to know the day routes around Graz, with fun and good times very much on the programme, along with fine singletracks where participants can develop safe bikehandling skills.

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  1 - 2

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5 - 6 Teilnehmer

Switchback turns, Camp

They’re all over the place, these hairpin bends. Especially in mountainous areas, you’re going to meet them sooner or later. On this camp we show you how to negotiate those tight bends – either by riding round them or by hoisting that rear wheel sideways. So your flow remains unbroken.


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28.08 - 01.09.2019

4 - 7 P.


20.07 - 22.07.2018

6 - 10 P.


15.07 - 19.07.2019

5 - 6 P.

Around Graz

28.06 - 30.06.2019

4 - 6 P.


04.10 - 06.10.2019

4 - 6 P.