General Terms and Conditions (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen, AGB)

Transactions are subject to the Austrian Chamber of Commerce’s General Travel Conditions (Allgemeine Reisebedingungen, ARB) 1992.

Additions to the ARB 1992 are as listed below:

Information obligations in accordance with §7 Abs. 1 RSV

Attention is drawn in this context to the other information obligations in accordance with the practice regulations for the travel industry (see in particular § 2 of the practice regulations for the travel industry – BGBl. Nr. 401/1998 idgF.; downloadable from

Organiser: Reisebüro Sendlhofer-Schag
Registered with the Austrian Business Licence Information System; registration number 2016/0016,, GISA-number: 27772621

In accordance with the travel industry consumer protection regulations (Reisebürosicherungsverordnung, RSV), customer monies for package holidays of organiser Reisebüro Sendlhofer-Schag are protected unlimited.


HDI Global SE
HDI-Platz 1
30659 Hannover
Contract (Policy number) PRV-1810219

In the case of insolvency on the part of the tour provider, all claims must be made to TVA Tourismusversicherungsagentur GmbH within eight weeks of the entering into insolvency, otherwise the right to claim will be lost.

Baumannstraße 9/8
1030 Wien
Tel. +43 1 361 9077 44
Fax +43 1 361 9077 25


Wherever written communication is necessary for declarations or other contract-related activity, this is defined not only as per the terms of § 886 of the ABGB (Civil Code of Austria), but also as any other appropriate form, including for example fax, email, PDF documents, insofar as both the author and the content of the communication can be established without doubt.

Participation by minors

The participation by persons under fourteen years of age assumes the written consent of the participant’s parent or legal guardian. Only a written declaration from the parent or guardian will be accepted, and must be provided to us at the time of booking. Should the statement of consent not be received by us at the latest on the day of the beginning of the event (e.g. trip or activity), this will constitute material grounds entitling the us to withdraw from the contract. All disadvantages resulting from the participant’s failure to (punctually) provide a consent statement will be borne by him/her.

Withdrawal from the contract by the customer

If the participant makes use of this right of withdrawal, we have the right to the following payment:

Timeperiod of cancellation before departure -> Payment due

  • Less than 3 days -> 100% of all costs and charges
  • 4 to 14 days -> 90%
  • 15 to 21 days -> 75%
  • More than 22 days -> 30%

Use of images

During activities, photos and/or video footage may be created by the guide or someone appointed by the guide. It is possible that participants will be depicted and individually recognisable. The participant agrees to this photo/video material created by the guide being published on the website The participant additionally agrees to this material being used for marketing purposes, primarily the presentation of activities via social media (e.g. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.) and specialist magazines, along with the creation of advertising material (posters, flyers, marketing videos, etc.). If the participant is not in agreement with this, he/she is to make this fact clear to the us and/or the guide.

The customer undertakes to tell participants of these conditions.

Applicable law, place of jurisdiction

The entire contractual relationship between Reisebüro Sendlhofer-Schag and the participant is subject solely to Austrian law. Legal regulations as potentially derived from the laws of other sovereign states, for example the UN CISG, are explicitly excluded. For all disputes arising from the contract between Reisebüro Sendlhofer-Schag and the participant, the appropriate court in Graz has sole jurisdiction. This does not affect the conditions of §14 KSchG.

Concluding provisions

Should a provision of the AGB/ARB be entirely or partly invalid or unworkable, this does not affect the legal validity or workability of the other contractual conditions of the AGB/ARB. In this case, Reisebüro Sendlhofer-Schag and the participant will replace the invalid or unworkable condition with a condition that replicates its content and purpose as closely as possible. Setting off by the participant with his/her own claims (counterclaims), of any kind, against claims of Reisebüro Sendlhofer-Schag is excluded.