Bike & Yoga in Weissensee, Austria

From riding to yoga and back again, from one flow to the next, or simply yoga, bike, yoga, sleep, repeat … and all this in the rustic and perfectly equipped Biohotel Gralhof on Lake Weissensee in Carinthia, southern Austria. The Gralhof is a place for arriving at yourself and feeling good. For relaxing and enjoying. And yoga is the perfect partner for the cycling. It develops your sense of balance, your core stability and endurance, and helps you concentrate on being in the here and now. Things that are decisive in cycling, in terms of whether you can ride a demanding trail safely and fluidly, rather than finding yourself already worn out halfway down, tired in both head and body, and having to simply labour at getting back home.

Each morning, before we get going with the bikes, Hannes prepares us for the day with her yoga unit. Stability, balance, activity, mobility, energy, strength, integrity and fun all support our performance on a bike, whenever concentration and focus are required. In the evenings after each day’s ride we recycle all that frenetic kinetic energy and recycle it into yoga and into us, bringing the day to its conclusion. Our bodies are given the chance to recover after a day full with cycling and yoga.

Similar to the feeling of getting “in the zone” while riding a trail and being in flow, yoga can bring you to a state of complete contentment. Discover how your inner performance and your work on the yoga mat influence your performance on the bike. Depending on what the group wants to do, we offer relaxed or more challenging rides (in terms of fitness and technique), all with amazing views. The view over the shimmering turquoise Weissensee is breath-taking: you will soon be feeling like a bee in clover!

The outdoor magazine Bergzeit introduces some basic 10 Yoga exercises for mountainbikers. Take a look and try it out – if you need any assistance, contact your local Yoga teacher.

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Wo sind wir unterwegs ...

On arrival day we meet up in Weißbriach; from there we get things started with a relaxed ride (approx. 700 m of climb), with a break for lunch at an Alpine inn. After riding back down we are taken to the Gralhof where we meet our hosts, Corinna and Michael. Then, before dinner, Hannes will get us onto the mats.

Over the next two days we explore the meadows and summits around the lake. On the last day we visit the Weissensee Trail-Park and use the ski lift to enjoy a few speedy downhill rides on some routes with built elements. Lunch is at an inn on the Naggler meadow; we finish off the day with a last jump into the lake at the Gralhof.

In addition to the day rides and the yoga sessions each morning and evening, there will be enough time each for recovering and generally taking it easy. The large sauna, with views over the lake, invites you to come and relax, and the clear water of the Weissensee is refreshingly cool after a long ride.

Inkludierte Leistungen

  • 4 guided day trips with our fully qualified expert Bikefex guides
  • Yoga lessons every morning and evening (6 lessons in total)
  • 3 nights accommodation including half-board in the famous Bio-Hotel Gralhof
  • Lift passes for Weissensee-Trails
  • Max. 7 people per guide

Nicht inkludiert

  • Personal travel to/from the meeting point
  • Drinks during the evening meal

In terms of technique the routes around the Weissensee are not particularly demanding. At most you will encounter occasional sections with difficulty level S2; generally the riding is somewhere between S1 and S2. That means some roots or rocks under your tyres, only moderately steep terrain.

You should bring sufficient strength for around 1.000 metres of climb each day. There may be short carrying/pushing sections, depending on the day’s route. We use boats on the Weissensee to reach the starting points of our rides. The Alpenperle, a hybrid boat, brings us to the opposite lake shore in a very leisurely manner. Anyone who didn’t get enough from the generous breakfast at the Gralhof can knock back a quick espresso on deck while we watch the fishermen in the early hours of the morning.

For the yoga element of the trip, no previous experience is required – Hannes from knows how to teach beginners and experienced yogis/yoginis together, in a way that challenges everybody.

There are numerous ways to get to the Weissensee. The simplest and most ecofriendly is to come by train. By arrangement, we can pick you up and return you to the station.

Alternatively, you can drive to the starting point at the JUFA Hotel Gitschtal; after the day’s ride you’ll drive a further 15 minutes with us to the Gralhof, where you can leave your car for the rest of the week.


  • Wellmaintained mountainbike: all-mountain full suspension with at least 130 mm suspension travel
  • MTBspecific protective clothing (helmet, eyewear, gloves, other body protectors if available)
  • Waterproof gear and multiple changes of clothing
  • Rucksack for day rides (drinks bottle, spare inner tube, pump, energy bars, lights for riding on the road, …)
  • Appropriate spare parts


It’s possible to borrow a mat and props (foam/wooden blocks, strap, etc.). Please state when booking if you need something.

  • Mediumsized towel
  • Comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement

Hannes Abel, yoga and mental teacher, teaches Forrest Yoga.

A detailed kit list will be sent after booking.

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