Ladies-Only Advanced

Rock the Trail – on a womenonly advanced technique course

You’re a competent and regular MTB rider, but you find that even relatively minor obstacles break your flow? And you want to do something about it, be able to ride straight through those trickier sections?

We’ll start in a training area, working on the relevant technique, and then go out and hit the trails, practising and consolidating what we’ve learnt. This course is aimed at female riders who want to feel secure and in control when they are out riding.

What you’ll learn

  • Balance
  • Choice of line, “steering by looking”
  • Steep climbs and descents
  • Lifting the front and rear wheel
  • Turning technique: pressing on the pedals
  • Turning technique: very tight turns (uphill and downhill)
  • Riding over roots and steps (uphill and downhill)
  • Dips and banked curves

Required ability

Fit enough for a total of max. 400 m of climb. Difficulty level up to S1. This means that we will be mainly riding on flow routes with minor obstacles like roots or low steps.

For this course you should already have solid braking technique and know how to do a rear dismount. See our Basic Women’s Course in the events calendar.

Kit list

  • Wellmaintained mountainbike: full suspension or hardtail
  • Flat pedals, no clickies
  • MTBspecific protective clothing (helmet, eyewear, gloves, knee protectors, other body protectors if available)
  • Waterproof gear and multiple changes of clothing
  • Rucksack for day rides (drinks bottle, spare inner tube, pump, energy bars, lights for riding on the road, …)
  • Appropriate and sufficient spare parts.

During the training sessions you might find you get colder than you would when out riding, so it’s a good idea to bring something warm to put on. This course is heavy on the brakes; please make sure that your brake pads have plenty of life left in them – consult a good bike shop, if necessary. The same goes for all components that wear out: tyres, cables, etc.

No more trips scheduled this season. For an individually bespoke trip please send us a