Ladies-Only Basic

You and your bike, somehow, you haven’t clicked with each other yet? Or you’re simply looking for a relaxed environment where you can practise basic technique with likeminded people, so that you don’t struggle so much when out on a ride? Our womenonly technique courses are aimed at any woman who has either just started MTB riding or has perhaps a certain amount of experience but wants to improve her MTB technique by working on core technique in detail.

We’ll work on the basics in a playful way, both at the training area and in the forest, and then immediately use and consolidate these new skills out on the trail. There will be only very limited uphill riding required, and we’ll keep to what Germanspeakers call “Plauder-Tempo”: speed at which you can comfortably chat while riding. The focus will be on exercises and bike games that mean that you can get maximum feedback from the instructor.

So that you can relive your boundless success on the course, there will be lots of opportunities to take photos…

What you’ll learn

  • Coordination exercises
  • Standard riding position, active riding position & steering by looking
  • Basic setting up of saddle and handlebars/controls
  • Safe and effective braking
  • Uphill and downhill riding techniques; getting started when riding uphill
  • Rear dismount
  • Correct gearchanging
  • Steering through tight bends
  • Uphill starting

Required ability

Fit enough for a maximum of 200 m of climb per course unit, in addition to the technique exercises. Technical difficulty S0 to S1. That means: riding on singletracks without major obstacles and with only moderate uphill or downhill gradients.

Kit list

  • Wellmaintained mountainbike: full suspension or hardtail
  • Flat pedals, no clickies
  • MTBspecific protective clothing (helmet, eyewear, gloves, knee protectors, other body protectors if available)
  • Waterproof gear and multiple changes of clothing
  • Rucksack for day rides (drinks bottle, spare inner tube, pump, energy bars, lights for riding on the road, …)
  • Appropriate and sufficient spare parts.

During the training sessions you might find you get colder than you would when out riding, so it’s a good idea to bring something warm to put on.

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