Technique Advanced

You’re already an experienced rider, but you want to ride trails more safely and with more fun? Slippery riding surfaces, steep sections (uphill and downhill), roots and boulders – after this course you’ll love encountering all of these, with much more confidence than before.

As with all our courses, we take time to learn and practise new skills in a playful and relaxed way, before hitting the trails to put our new knowledge into action. For particularly tricky elements, we’ll sometimes take up catching positions either side for when you mess up. (Rather like slip fielders in cricket!)

This technique course is aimed at all MTB riders who want to improve their riding skills and also learn new things. If you can balance on your bike while stationary for a few seconds, then this course is right for you. It will take place on two consecutive days – we split it over two days in order to give your body and mind time to consolidate the new skills in a relaxed and effective way.


  • Bike tuning, with emphasis on suspension and brakes
  • Advanced balance exercises
  • Choosing a line when riding a trail
  • Riding on steep terrain, uphill and downhill
  • Dips and pumptracks
  • Front and rear wheel lifts
  • Riding roots and steps, uphill and downhill
  • Advanced cornering skills: pressing on the pedals

Required ability

During the short trips out, we’ll be riding at difficulty level S1 to S2 with occasional S3 sections. That means singletracks with substantial obstacles, including roots, steps up to 50 cm, and slopes (ridden uphill and downhill) that are steep but could still be walked up without using your hands.

Kit list

  • Wellmaintained mountainbike: full suspension or hardtail
  • Flat pedals, no clickies
  • MTBspecific protective clothing (helmet, eyewear, gloves, knee protectors, other body protectors if available)
  • Waterproof gear and multiple changes of clothing
  • Rucksack for day rides (drinks bottle, spare inner tube, pump, energy bars, lights for riding on the road, …)
  • Appropriate and sufficient spare parts.


07.09 & 20.10.2019


jeweils 10-13 h



€ 90,-

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