Kids mountainbiking week, Gratwein/Austria

For your children, a bike is much more than just a way of getting from A to B. Selfpowered, gliding silently, feeling the air rushing past, travelling much faster than walking: all this together awakens great joy and deep emotions in young people. And the process of conquering natural or constructed obstacles while riding their bike will be an experience that stays with them.

Here at Bikefex, we feel the same. Also, having children ourselves has reminded us just how long the school summer holidays are. Therefore these children’s MTB Weeks are designed so that as well as being a fabulous experience for children, they constitute a comprehensive childcare package that fits the parents’ work commitments.

Just for you?

For children who already enjoy regular cycling, the Kids’ MTB Weeks in Gratwein are the perfect source of fun and adventure in nature.
 The teaching takes place in groups of maximum eight children, supervised by statequalified MTB instructors who have been subject to appropriate background checks. There are always at least two instructors present when children are out in public areas.

What you’ll learn

During the week we teach the core elements and foundation techniques for MTB riding; playful learning and practising is the method. The aim is to build a love of physical activity, specifically of getting active within nature, but a useful side effect is that general cycling safety is increased. The focus is always on having fun; the difficultylevel of day rides is of course adjusted to suit the abilities of the children. As well as training sessions on a school playground, we will be making use of trafficfree public spaces nearby for exercises ranging from simple balance practice to cornering and jumping safely at speed. These will be interspersed with short and mediumlength rides through surrounding woodland.

What’s included

  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Fruits
  • Assistance of a certified and qualified bike guide

Not included

  • Lunch during the day rides



It is absolutely essential that each child has a wellserviced mountainbike in perfect working order that is the right size for them, together with a wellfitting helmet. He or she should also be ready for this level of physical activity.

Age 7 – 12 years.

The course takes place daily (monday to friday) at 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at schoolyard Gratwein

More details will be provided after booking. We strongly recommend to be covered by a cancellation protection, price is € 12,25.

Accident insurance

Just remember, similar to skiing, it is very important that your children are insured in the case of an accident.

Information and questions to:
Gratwein: Axel Berger,, +43 680 210 58 51

A short story about last years weeks can be found here.

Reduced price

€ 230,- für siblings or members of RC bikespeak mountainbiking club. Only one discount per person possible.

Keine weiteren Termine in diesem Jahr geplant. Für individuelle Termine schreibe eine Mail an

Bookings deadline

Unless otherwise stated, all our trips need to be booked at least two weeks before the day of departure. At that point it will be ascertained whether the minimum number of participants has been reached and the trip is able to take place.

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