Kids riding week, Gratwein/Austria

Children usually love riding bikes and want to ride as much as possible. It’s not long before they’ve developed the strength for longer rides, but it often happens that a lack of parental time and local knowledge gets in the way of fullday bike trips. In the Graz Highlands there are some fabulous routes that are ideal for children and young teenagers, as well as “bike playgrounds” for large and small. We select the most enjoyable destinations, bestsuited to the needs of the group, and plan days full of fun and excitement. The rides take place in groups of maximum six children, supervised by statequalified MTB instructors who have been subject to appropriate background checks. There are always at least two instructors present when children are out in public areas.

This week is mainly aimed at children aged 11 to 14.

What you’ll learn

Our destinations will include climbing relatively high summits to enjoy the views from the top, and visits to purposebuilt facilities like enhanced singletracks, pumptracks or dirtparks. Relevant technique will be taught and constantly reinforced, in a way that is fun and inspiring.

Our constant focus is on having fun in nature. During the week, the children also learn to develop a sensitive relationship with their environment – good habits start young.

The programme of rides is adjusted daily to suit the abilities of the participants, to ensure that everyone gets actionpacked days but noone gets overstretched.

What’s included

  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Assistance of a certified and qualified bike guide

Not included

  • Meals (muesli bars etc.) during the day rides
  • Costs for transfers to the starting points, lifttickets or entrance cards

We will inform parents the day before if there are additional costs to expect for the next ride (e.e. liftticket at the local mountain Schöckl, etc.).


A wellserviced mountainbike in perfect working order that is the right size for its rider, together with a wellfitting helmet. He or she should also be ready for this level of physical activity. An appropriate rucksack is also required, that can be worn comfortably for several hours. We will be carrying tools and various replacement parts for bike repairs while we’re out and about.

Keine weiteren Termine in diesem Jahr geplant. Für individuelle Termine schreibe eine Mail an

Bookings deadline

Unless otherwise stated, all our trips need to be booked at least two weeks before the day of departure. At that point it will be ascertained whether the minimum number of participants has been reached and the trip is able to take place.

Informationen zum Reiserücktritt aufgrund der Corona-Situation

Laut Pauschalreisegesetz steht dir ein kostenloses Rücktrittsrecht zu, wenn am Ort der Reise oder in dessen unmittelbarer Nähe unvermeidbare und außergewöhnliche Umstände auftreten, die die Durchführung erheblich beeinträchtigen oder, wie im Fall der Corona-Situation, die Gesundheit beeinträchtigen.

Darüber hinaus ist die zeitliche Nähe zum Durchführungsdatum relevant. Ist der Reiseantritt erst in mehreren Wochen, so gilt es die Entwicklungen abzuwarten. Wir haben hierfür einen Zeitraum von vier Wochen definiert.

Konkret bedeutet das für dich

Wenn die Maßnahmen der Regierung/Behörden innerhalb der vier Wochen vor Reiseantritt verschärft werden, kannst du kostenlos stornieren. Wenn sich die Situation innerhalb dieser vier Wochen dramatisch verschlechtert, darfst du auch kostenlos stornieren, selbst wenn die Regierung noch nicht mit Maßnahmen reagiert hat.

Ein kostenloser Rücktritt ist nicht möglich, wenn du aus persönlichen Gründen nicht mehr teilnehmen möchtest. In diesem Fall greifen unsere allgemeinen Stornobedingungen, auch innerhalb der vier Wochen vor dem Reiseantritt. Das gilt zB auch, wenn du dir plötzlich nicht mehr sicher bist, ob der Besuch dieser Veranstaltung/Reise aufgrund der Corona-Situation für dich „sinnvoll“ erscheint, wenn sich die Situation am Bestimmungsort seit deiner Buchung nicht verschlechtert hat.

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  1. Alina Sencovici

    Good day! My name is Alina, I am from Romania. I am very interested in the MTB Summer Camp for my son – 12yo. He is already practicing MTB and he is very passionate. Please advise what would the camp periods will look like for this summer. Maybe you already have a schedule? Also, the price/camp would be interesting to know, if we can rent a bike or bring his own? He does not speak German, only English and a bit of French – could the communication be in English?
    Thank you,


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