Things we did

Here you’ll find reports from our range of bike holidays – useful as a way of getting a feel for some of the trips we offer. Plus other tales that are variously funny, exciting, breathtaking or just plain silly. We want to share our finest moments with you.

A Lappish journey

Mountainbiking in the far north, where reindeers cross your path more frequently than other people. The seemingly endless plateaus in the Swedish mountains and the Lofoten are home of some of the most spectacular trails. Join us for a memorable adventure.

Enduro trip through the Pyrenees

Enduro mountainbike ride through the Catalan Pyrenees - from the high mountains in Spain to the mediterranean coast in France. A story about vultures, dinosaurs and ewoks ...

Mountainbiking along Portugals coast

Jungle, sandy beaches and the old town of Lisbon - places to ride your mountainbike, right? Join us for an unforgettable trip to Portugal. We were following the donkey, listened to Fado music and enjoyed a great time with friends in the warm south.