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Experiencing nature on 2 wheels

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We organise led mountainbike and road tours in multiple countries across Europe and further afield. You just need to do the pedalling, we do the rest.

With our technique training sessions for mountainbikers, you’ll have the chance to give your skills an extra polish in readiness for your adventure out in the wilderness.

Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, France, Slovenia, Georgia, Portugal, Italy and Panama


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Without nature we lose our souls (T.C. Boyle)

What is a Bikefex?

“Bikefex” is a light-hearted German word for a passionate cyclist and lover of the outdoors; it’s derived from “Bergfex”, a lover of the mountains. The American writer T. C. Boyle has said that “Without nature, we lose our soul”. We agree, totally. Everyday life nowadays seems to be defined by time pressure and the pressure to achieve. Constant demands upon us push us into a cramped, restricted existence, with little time for nourishment of the soul.

Here at Bikefex we find that riding in wilderness gives us the chance to experience the power and beauty of nature, and thereby find replenishment. That includes during our trips – we really do have a special job.

Technical ability isn’t a goal in itself, but simply a tool that smoothes the way to exceptional experiences. We are not looking for a trial of strength. Our rides aren’t about racing. We recognise that everyone has his or her own tempo. Our attitude is that there’s already enough pressure in everyday life. Our mountainbike tours focus on the joy of simply doing and being.

We see ourselves as neither a conventional training centre, nor a tour provider that simply aims to get as many wannabe Kings/Queens Of The Mountains along our routes. We want to share our passion with you, and activate your excitement for your bike and the great outdoors. You already share that feeling with us? Perfect.

A good network of routes and trails is just the starting point for creating a successful holiday. The rest of the package is for us at least as important. A team that you feel totally at ease with from day one, accommodation with comfort and character, and the sense that rather than being just another tourist you are – for the short time of your visit – at home.

Nature and environment

There’s something else that lies very close to our hearts: consciousness building.

The humble bicycle is in the process of conquering forest, meadow and path for itself. Routes that would a few years ago have been seen as a little crazy now count for many as simple warmup rides. Thanks to the amazing bikes that have come onto the market in recent years, the range of places that mountainbikers can practise their craft has expanded. And yes, that doesn’t always occur entirely without conflict.

This is exactly why it’s so important to us that we ride with a responsible attitude, enjoy our bikes in a way that respects nature and other people – and spread this mindset among the cycling community. We ensure that all participants on our trips leave with a deep awareness of the relevant issues, ready to play a part in winning more acceptance for our sport.

The environment is not just something around us. It is part of us and we are part of it. When we protect nature, we are protecting ourselves.